"I ask for vegan because the evidence is clear: Businesses will move towards humane, healthy, and sustainable choices if their customers ask for them. Make your voice heard."
~ Carter Dillard (Santa Barbara, CA) 
 Senior Policy Advisor at The Animal Legal Defense Fund 
"I ask for vegan because I think it can show businesses that there is a viable market for vegan options, as well as start conversations. If more people considered that what they chose to eat could result in life or death for an animal, I think they would would go for the cruelty-free choice." 

~ Adam Sugalski (Jacksonville, FL)
Graphic designer, surfer, and animal advocate
"Whether it’s for animal rights or health reasons, people are ordering veg meals and buying veg products more than ever. Give the customer what the customer wants!"
~ Michelle Schwegmann (Portland, OR)
Owner of Herbivore Clothing and author of the cookbook "Eat Like You Give A Damn"

Photo credit: Joshua Huston 

"I want chefs to know not only that the number of people choosing a plant-based diet is growing, but that it makes great economic sense for restaurants to incorporate vegan offerings into their regular menus: the margins are better on vegetables, and they’ll ultimately attract more diners."

~ Jennifer Wright (El Paso, TX) 
Communications professional

Why I Ask for Vegan