Be Part of the Ask for Vegan Community

Becoming part of the A4V community and intentionally pledging to request plant-based alternatives in the marketplace is a great way of promoting your vegan values.
Share Your Story: Tell us about your experience when you Ask for Vegan. Whether inspiring or frustrating, we'd love to share your story with the community.  We can all learn something when we listen to each other. Email us
Connect with Us: Follow us and other A4V advocates as they spread the word. We'll highlight stories, businesses taking a step in the right direction, and those who have further to go. Make sure to use the hashtags #A4V or #askforvegan when posting. Connect with the community on Instagram.
Restaurant Encouragement Cards: Get free Ask for Vegan business cards to leave at establishments where you want more vegan options. It's a friendly reminder that they're missing out on potential customers. You can visit our Vista Print page (coming soon) to order cards, or click here to request hard copies or to download and print at home.