Promoting Plant-Based Choices
Ask for Vegan
One question can make a big difference. Ask for Vegan is an easy, positive way to let businesses know there is a high demand for plant-based products. Any time you find yourself at a non-vegan establishment, simply ask,
"What vegan or plant-based options do you have?”
We believe that the more businesses hear this, the more they will recognize a growing demand and the more they will strive to include the many new and amazing plant-based alternatives out there. 
Sounds simple, right? Well, it is! Yet we don't always remember how important our consumer voices can be. Sometimes we just ask for the salad or make due with the one item that is most likely to be vegan. There is a better way - actively asking for what you want! Promoting compassionate choices is good for all of us, the planet, and our animal friends.
Already asking for vegan? This is a great place to inspire others with your stories.